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As parents, you’ve probably wondered why new staff come to observe your child’s therapist running a session. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial for the kiddos to meet and train with new staff.

Kids can practice their skills and behaviors with new people. One of the goals for therapy is for the kids to utilize their skills and behaviors in different settings and with different people. This is beneficial for the practicality of the skills and behaviors that we are trying to teach them, so it is important for the kids to be able to practice their behaviors with as many people as they can.

Unlike a stranger in the community, trainees are patient with the kids and so this will allow different behaviors and skills to be fully played out, often times more than once. The trainees can also help with goals to make them more fun or different. This allows for the kids to practice their skills and behaviors in different situations.

Trainees can also become alternates to sub in when the kids’ regular therapists need to miss a session. However, it is important to remember that the trainees will eventually have their own weekly caseloads, so subbing may not be available. Having more than one alternate that can take over on short notice who knows your child is important to continuity of services.

Tien Nguyen


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