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Routines During The Holidays

December 28, 2017

 The holiday break is upon us and it’s such a wonderful time for our kids to take a break and enjoy the time off from school. However, it is important to recognize that a major change in their schedule may affect their behaviors. That’s why it is important to keep up with our kids’ routines. For example, changes in sleep routines and bed times may cause a disruption in sleeping schedule. This may be hard to break once school is back in session. Different expectations would sometime be placed on the kiddos while they are away from school. However, we also must remember to enforce the same expectations in order to prevent undesirable behaviors from reoccurring or developing.


The holidays are also the time that many families travel to spend time with other family members and friends. This may also cause a disruption in the kids’ daily routines and expectations. Maintaining their routines can offer them a sense of stability that may alleviate stress from being in a new environment or seeing unfamiliar people.


Maintaining routines and expectations are great tools for us to reinforce appropriate behaviors in our kids. A tip that I recommend is to try to keep as much of the typical daily rituals as possible. For example, the same bed time routines should be utilized in a hotel room or at a relative’s house. This is may help the kiddos to know what to expect and allow them more control over their surroundings. Of course, the strategies that we used in the kids’ ABA sessions can also be used as well; like allowing the kids to take breaks. Lastly, we also recognize the importance of being flexible and having fun. What are some of the ways your family is celebrating this time off? After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year.


Tien Nguyen


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