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Summer Social Skills Camp

October 2, 2017

We are elated to announce that the Beyond the BASICS Social Skills Summer Camp was a huge success. The camp theme this year was reflective of our own, Nations Capital. Each day, the campers engaged in arts and crafts activities such as painting cherry blossoms, coloring a mural of the National Monument, making sea creatures to swim in our tidal basin exhibit, and creating craft animals to live in our DC Zoo.

Each week, there was a new social skill taught such as playing a game, being a good friend, and building conversation skills. Most campers favorite part of the summer was visiting the pool at Turkey Thicket Recreation Center as well as playing games such as Checkers, UNO, Sorry, Trouble, and other board games with their peers. Our favorite part of the summer was supporting them through their everyday ineffective interactions and showing them replacement behaviors to get their needs met. We also thoroughly enjoyed observing them develop new social skills that they apply in their everyday interactions.

Jamila Green


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