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Bugs Can Cause Problems for Everyone

July 14, 2017

 Sometimes a client’s household will have an issue with insect infestations; such as bed bugs, fleas or roaches. Insect infestations can potentially cause physical damage, but more importantly create health problems that could make visiting a household uncomfortable or even dangerous.

It’s not just bug bites that are problematic. Certain kinds of bugs can spread diseases due to microbial contamination (their feces), and cause allergies and asthma, among other health problems. Many of these insects are also highly transferable and could travel with a staff member, infest other client’s homes and possibly transmit those communicable diseases.

We are committed to a safe and healthy work place for our staff and families. A home with an insect infestation will not prevent services from occurring, however, therapy sessions will need to be conducted in an alternative location, such as the community or in the BASICS office. In order to resume home sessions a family must show proof of professional treatment.

If you have noticed a bug problem please contact us right away so can prevent problems for everyone. For information about certain insects/pests click the link below to visit the Environmental Protection Agency website.

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