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The ABCs of RBTs

June 13, 2017

In today’s society, acronyms can be found anywhere from the common text dialogue of “ttyl” (talk to you later) to the classic “BLT” (bacon, lettuce and tomato). In the world of Psychology, a new and budding acronym known as RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) has taken its own lane, but one cannot help but to scratch their head and wonder, “what exactly does this mean?”

Let’s start with “R”…registered. To register or the act of being registered is when you are recorded on an official list. “B”…behavior is defined as an observable and measurable act done by a person and/or an animal in response to a thing or event. Finally, “T”…a technician is someone who is deemed to be skilled or an expert in being able to use their knowledge for a reasonable purpose as it relates to a science.

So, in short, an RBT is a person who has met the qualifications to be a part of an official list; and we work hard to get on this list! BASICS ABA Therapists are required to take 40 hours of classes online, successfully pass several field assessments and sit for an exam at a testing center. Having our names added to this list of professionals is a badge of honor and we’re proud to be named RBTs. Being on this list allows us to directly observe and measure actions of a person by utilizing our expertise in the field of behavioral psychology. As an RBT at BASICS, our sole purpose is to directly put your child’s plan and/or goals into effect. Now, as an RBT, we are not responsible for the design or assessment of the plan and/or goals. That is the job of our supervisors. We are only responsible for making sure that the plan and/or goals are implemented thoroughly and correctly. This is important because correctly putting a plan into effect leads to consistent facilitation of your child’s learning. It also allows for continuous building of new and different skill sets.

Who knew that such a small acronym, made up of three simple words, could have such a complex definition? If you are unable to remember the technicalities when someone asks you, “So, what is an RBT?”, that is perfectly fine! Just remember this, RBT’s teach your kids the ABC’s of life and how to use each skill as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Yanita Boayue


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