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Benefits of Sessions in the Community

March 15, 2017

One of the benefits on ABA therapy is that it can be done during any activities and locations. The possibilities are endless. That’s why here at BASICS, we love to take our kiddos outside into the community.
The number one benefit of going into the community is the fact that each kid’s program can be run indoors and outdoors. However, the kids get to experience a new environment once outside. This promotes generalizations of their goals as well as having the opportunity for them to practice their goals in a different setting. There are also many social goals where interacting with other people besides the therapist is important. Kids with these social goals have the opportunity to practice them only when they are outside. This is a fun way to practice social skills and reduce any anxiety that the child may have when interacting with new people and peers. The kids can also practice doing daily tasks that promote independence. For example, practicing to buy something at the store, or asking where the bathroom is. Again, the possibilities are endless!
By experiencing the world outside of the home, kids will get the opportunity to see more and interact more.
Tien Nguyen, RBT

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