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Culturally Competent ABA 

April 14, 2016

A great place to start a conversation about cultural competence is to define culture.

Culture is established by the shared values, beliefs and customs that are developed through common experiences. It grows into a system of rules that are the core of communities. With this definition of culture we gain an understanding of the importance of culture in the individuals we work with, and how it shapes our interaction with others. By understanding culture at its core level (also referred to as deep culture) a therapist can evolve their practices to improve the learning experiences of all clients and their families.

Research suggests that people can be successful in their academic endeavors when they are provided access to quality programs, services, and support that integrates their deep culture. Furthermore, individuals who are given the opportunity to explore their culture during the learning process and who are given varied experiences, feel acknowledged and valued.

Cultural competency leads professionals to effectively work and serve clients in cross-cultural settings.At BASICS, our goal is to give clients tools that will allow them to get their needs met. While teaching these skills we focus on understanding the culture of the environment of the client for two main reasons:

  1. The first is to include to culture of    the learner in the learning process.
  2. Second, it is to help the learner to be an active participate in the community.

BASICS continues to develop and use culturally competent behavioral practices.

Mawule Sevon, BCBA, MA, NCSP


Mawule, BCBA, MA, NCSP- is a supervisor at BASICS. She has been with the company for 5 years and is our resident expert on culturally competent programming. 

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