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Social Story: Christmas Gifts

December 6, 2012


*Note: This can be modified for any gift receiving Holiday.

Christmas is super fun! I get to see family, I get to give gifts, and I get presents too!

Sometimes I want things and I will get them for Christmas.

Sometimes I want things and will not get them.

These are 3 things that I want for Christmas:

What I Want: Will I get it?


 _____________________ Yes      No      Maybe
 _____________________ Yes      No      Maybe
 _____________________ Yes      No      Maybe


If I get the gift I will say “Thank you!”

If I get a different gift I will say “Thank you!” too.

It is rude to tell someone I do not like their gift.

If I do not get a present that I want, I can do a Goal Plan Do Check to figure out how to get the gift in a different way or something different I can play with.

Christmas is about family and love. Presents are fun but it is most important that we have fun with our family.

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