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Book Review: A Work in Progress

June 27, 2011

I highly recommend this book to parents and practitioners. I usually suggest that all of my clients pick up a copy to read and have staff read it as part of their training. The book gives a great overview of ABA and tips that parents can use. It also describes strategies for things like toileting, sleep, and eating. Another bonus is that the second half of the book contains a set of programs that can be used with a child. I particularly like that it explains the purpose behind each goal. For example, sometimes it is hard for people to understand why we need to teach a child to imitate actions like clapping during discrete trial at a table, but this book explains that imitation is a pre-requisite skill for playing with a peer. Here at B.A.S.I.C.S., we even sure some of these programs (modified to fit the needs of our clients). My favorite program is their Conversation Basics Program. Overall, I think this book is a must have for the home library.

Saundra Bishop, BCBA


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